About Us

Who we are

We are a couple of television producers lucky enough to find ourselves on the front row of the fashion industry.  From our most recent project,  Amazon’s Making the Cut, to ten seasons of Project Runway and three seasons of Project Runway Junior, our fashion adjacent status has helped us learn from, grow to love and continually try to understand the ever-evolving industry that is FASHION.  More importantly to us though, producing television shows in the fashion space has introduced us to hundreds of dedicated and passionate fashion designers.  Many of these designers we now call friends, and all of them consistently inspire us, even years after they have left our set. We truly are their biggest fans.

Why we started Faces of Fashion

Surviving in the fashion industry is daunting and an uphill battle on the best  of days and in the best of times.  So, when the Covid 19 pandemic hit we immediately thought of these designers and what this would do to their businesses, their dreams.  Our next thought, almost instantly, was that these designers have a unique skillset that could prove very helpful during these times.  They can sew. They can design. They can make faces masks, and they can do it in style.  This made it clear what our next step must be -- to bring these designers together, as a community, on one platform. The Faces of Fashion offers a rare unique win-win-win scenario. The designers are keeping their businesses alive.  They are providing a much-needed product to the world. And, they are donating ten percent of all revenue, not proceeds, to a people in need.

Watching and helping facilitate this cast of amazing and talented characters work together as fashion community, is a bit of a dream come true for us too. 



First, we want to thank you for buying your mask here. It supports charity and designers which we're very excited about. And if you're going to wear a mask, make sure it's fashionable!

10% of all proceeds are donated to charity.