Kelly Dempsey


Kelly is a self-taught fashion designer from a small town outside of Boston Massachusetts. Kelly credits sifting through 25cent bins at thrift stores as a child to her innate eclectic design instincts that later landed her runner-up on Season 14 ‘Project Runway.’

Kelly is most known for creating highly unique textiles from unexpected & unconventional materials. She embraces fashion as a creative outlet, and as a child, her mother ran a craft store out of their home in rural Massachusetts.

Kelly spent countless hours watching her mother create everything from wind-chimes made from forks they found at yard sales, to hand sewn clothing. While growing up & being ridiculed for her beloved thrift store finds, Kelly felt a deep desire at around the age of 9, to transform her secondhand clothing into something completely new, in hopes to overcome the negativity & create a style all her own. With great success from her efforts, a spark ignited & Kelly has since been driven to inspire others not to label themselves by a particular situation, but instead look within to regain the power we all have.